Treatment of pain


care for proper movement


Our philosophy


The human body is a wonderful miracle of Mother Nature in which every cell cooperates for the benefit of the whole body. If the energy coming from our mind is cooperative, the body works as a perfect living machine But uncooperative thoughts and their energies can misalign and damage this machine. Non-ideal breathing, muscle tensions, pains or various diseases – these are all the true language of our body calling for change.
In SPINEZIO, we specialize in ambulatory physiotherapy of children, adults and active people, including sportsmen.

People typically seek our help to relieve pain in the back or in various muscles and joints (including post-injury or post-surgery conditions). They also approach us to consult proper development of babies, starting from the 6th week of their life. Our philosophy and style of treatment are based on a highly expert and humane approach. We understand that the body consists not only of muscles and bones – its proper operation depends heavily on feelings.

Based on our experience, we know that proper help requires sufficient time, and we always devote enough time to each client. We also know that a targeted active cooperation between the physiotherapist and the patient helps more than applying magnets and electrodes. After achieving relief from pain, people rediscover the joy of movement and a new appetite for life.

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