Treatment of pain


care for proper movement


PhDr. Petr Zahradník, Ph.D.

„The biggest teacher for us adults are children, and especially babies who are the embodiment of perfection and innocence. Their genuineness also shows us the importance of communication via energies.“

Petr’s approach is based on the principles of how the human body works, and on the effect of energies (mainly those arising from our mind) on the body. He has worked in facilities focused on psychosomatics, along with colleagues who learned from the best.
During his postgraduate studies under prof. Kolář, he studied the functional relationship between the spine and the hip joints. He also participates in teaching medicine and physiotherapy students at the Second Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, and leads workshops that explain the origins of tension and pain and show how people can help themselves using just their body and thoughts.
• Ph.D. Doctorate in the field of kinanthropology. Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Charles University (2013–2020).
     Field of research: Kinematics of movement in people with disorders of the hip joint. Supervisor: prof. PaedDr. Pavel Kolář, Ph.D.
• Research internship in the Centre for Musculoskeletal Research, Griffith University; Brisbane, Australia.
• Master's degree in physiotherapy, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Charles University (2013).
• Bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Charles University (2009).
     International exchange via the Erasmus programme, focused on children’s phisiotherapy, Breda, Netherlands.
• Dynamic neuromuscular stabilization according to prof. Kolář – parts A, B, and C, Prague.
• Techniques for rib mobilisation according to L. Mojžíšová; Prague.
• Complex therapy of trigger points and global reciprocal muscular inhibition, Mgr. Bitnar; Prague.
• Yoga in rehabilitation, Mgr. Martina Ježková, Clive Farelly; Hlavice.
• A course of Vojta’s reflective locomotion for children, Olomouc, Prague.

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