Treatment of pain


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Mgr. Michaela Horká

Michaela started to gain her skills and knowledge as a physiotherapist through inpatient and outpatient work during her masters degree study, working with patients with musculoskeletal functional problems, patients after orthopaedic injuries and operations. During that time, Michaela started to specialise in women’s health, which she finds very interesting.
It was this interest in women’s health, that lead her to decision to undertake certified Ludmila Mojzisova’s course, focusing on women’s health physiotherapy in gynaecology, treating patients with
• Functional sterility
• Period pain (dysmenorrhoea)
• Musculoskeletal pain during pregnancy (low back pain, pelvic pain, reflux)
• Early exercise prescription and treatment of women after giving birth (both natural childbirth and Cesarean delivery)
• Bladder weakness after birth, Diastasis Rectus Abdominis after pregnancy Michaela meets clients in her clinic who present with limited improvements because the physical symptoms of a pain are treated without the psychological influence. Therefore Michaela’s aim is to improve both the physical and psychological well-being of her clients through honest and kind communication.
She uses a variety of therapeutic approaches such as Mobilization of spine and peripheral joints, Vacuum Cupping Therapy and Kinesiotaping.
Furthermore Michaela applies her knowledge of the Developmental Kinesiology and Neurophysiology when combining her treatment with Yoga concept to influence the harmony between the body and the mind.
• Master degree in Physiotherapy, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, Charles University (2021)
• Bachelor degree in Physiotherapy, First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University (2018)
• Rehabilitation of some forms of functional sterility in women’s health using method of Ludmila Mojžíšová (part A-D) Mgr. Jana Jedličková a PhDr. Jitka Malá, Ph.D., Rehamil Milovice
• A – Rib Mobilization
• B – Treatment of pelvic floor muscles
• C – Mobilization of Sacroiliac joint and the Lumbar spine
• D – Treatment strategies and the final exam
• Complex therapy of trigger points and the Global Reciprocal Inhibition, PhDr. Petr Bitnar, Kladno
• Mobilization of the spine and peripheral joints, Mgr. Maja Spiritovic, Ph.D., Centrum pohybové medicíny, Praha
• Temporomandibular joint dysfunctions, PhDr. Jitka Malá, Ph.D., Rehamil Milovice
• Kinesio Taping Method (KTM1/KTM2), Mgr Michal Peroutka, Rehabilitační klinika Malvazinky, Praha

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