Treatment of pain


care for proper movement


Mgr. Jindřich Vocilka

Jindřich’s career as a physiotherapist began at REHAMIL therapeutic Centre working with PhDr. Jitka Malá, Ph.D.
It was here, where Jindřich gained his complex and holistic approach when managing chronic pain patients. His therapeutic approach is closely linked to the Developmental Kinesiology.

Last 7 years Jindřich worked within the British NHS. During the several years, Jindřich improved on multidisciplinary approach when treating various orthopaedic conditions in an inpatient and outpatient setup, including highly specialised work with patients with lower limb loss.

Along with the NHS experience, Jindřich worked as a First Contact Practitioner which included early diagnosis and treatment of acute musculoskeletal issues. All the previous experiences further formed Jindřich’s complex therapeutic approach and understanding of the human body.

Jindřich’s work is focused on mainly adults at the SPINEZIO physiotherapy centre, helping them to thoroughly understand and correct their problems with care.

• Master’s degree in Physiotherapy, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, Charles University (2013)
• Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, Charles University (2011)
• DNS (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation according to prof. Kolář) Part A,B, Banská Bystrica
• ALERT (Acute Life threatening-Recognition and Treatment) course, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, United Kingdom
• MSK Primary Care Course, eLFH, United Kingdom

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