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Ing. Zuzana Matečná

Performs soft, relaxation massages which bring pleasant relief to your body and also allow your mind to rest. To reinforce the relaxation effect of the massage, she uses beneficial aromatherapeutic oils. Zuzana found her way to massages when she became interested in her health and finding happiness in life. She quit the treadmill of corporate life and instead started to listen to her body. Through yoga, she learned to pay attention to her breath both during workout and in everyday life. She attended many courses and workshops and is constantly learning and finding inspiration on how to use touch as a therapeutic tool.
 • Master’s degree in human resources and personnel management, Faculty of Social and Economic Relations, Trenčiany university.
• Physiotherapeutic seminar, PhDr. Tomáš Rychnovský, Ph.D., Prague, Prague College of Psychosocial Studies
• Biodynamic massage in physiotherapy, Mgr. Johana Špicnerová, Mgr. Martina Marečková, Prague College of Psychosocial Studies
• Tao of conscious touch – basic techniques of Thai, Ayurveda and tantric massage, Marcel Harazim; Bratislava
• The school of reflective therapy of Mr. and Mrs. Patakyov, Prague
• Dexter Academy – reorientation training in massage, Prague
• Dexter Academy – massages for pregnant women, Prague
• Seminars: Salutes to the Sun, The bottom of the pelvis, Yoga for lymphatic health; Lucie Königová, Prague
• Women’s pelvis and pelvic floor, Carmen Rodriguez Hochstrasser, Prague
• Postnatal yoga, Jana Schneeweissová, Prague
In SPINEZIO, we provide relaxation massages focused on loosening tired and strained muscles and on the overall psychic rest.
First, you will attend a short introductory session. Its goal is to personalize the massage to your needs and to what you find comfortable.
Before the massage, we advise not to eat heavy foods. It’s also important not to drink alcohol. If you have acute physical trouble (fever, antibiotics…) or have recently undergone surgery, massage is not advisable.
After the massage, you need to provide sufficient hydration and adhere to a regime which will allow your body to fully regenerate.

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