Treatment of pain


care for proper movement


Mgr. Radek Petrů

Radek started his career as a physiotherapist in the Center for the treatment of the muscular system in Vysočany. His career is connected to professional sports, since he is one of the physiotherapists of the Czech national basketball team, and he also spent several years working as a physiotherapist in the leading Czech team, ERA Basketball Nymburk.

In SPINEZIO, Radek works with clients who are experiencing issues caused by today’s hectic lifestyle and poor movement habits. He uses his rich experience from sports physiotherapy when helping sportsmen or active people who simply enjoy movement.

Radek employs the most modern approaches in physiotherapy. His therapy is based on the concept of DNS according to prof. Kolář, combined with dry needling or with Stecco® fascial manipulation.
• Master’s degree in physiotherapy, Slovak Medical University (2016).
• Bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy, 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University (2011).
• Dynamic neuromuscular stabilization according to prof. Kolář – parts A, B, and C, Bratislava.
• Dry Needling – the diagnostics of myofascial dysfunctions and their therapy by applying the dry needle (a course certified by the Czech Ministry of Health), DGSA® - modules A, B, C; Prague
• Fascial Manipulation®/ Stecco® – Level I, II; Prague
• Rehabilitative treatment of certain types of women sterility using the method of L. Mojžíšová and V. Bezvodová; Prague.
• Special kinesiology of the human muscular system, PhDr. Šifta, Ph. D.; Prague.
• Complex therapy of trigger points and global muscular inhibition, Mgr. Bitnar; Prague.
• Introduction to the physiotherapy of fascial tissues, Prague.
• The Storz Medical MasterPuls MP 200 shockwave, MUDr. Dlouhý; Prague.
• A therapy course by Dr Tecar; Nymburk.
• Dynamic taping in physiotherapy, Mgr. Daniel Sobotka; Prague.
• Therapeutic usage of kinesiotapes, Prague.
• Emergency resuscitation and urgent conditions; Prague.
• A fitness instructor at; Prague.