Treatment of pain


care for proper movement


Prices in SPINEZIO

  Care at SPINEZIO is not covered by public health insurance and is paid individually by clients. We can use points from the Benefity, Edenred a Sodexo and BenefityPlus benefit programs. You can pay with us both cash and credit card.
If you are unable to arrive at the booked appointment, please call +420 725 736 026 as soon as possible.
If you do not apologize for your appointment, we will ask you for a 100% refund of the reserved physiotherapy consultation.

Individual physiotherapy

  Adults   1200,- Kč  
  Children (0-18 years)   900,- Kč  
  For long-term care we offer a discounted package 5 + 1.  
  Adults package 5 + 1   6000,- Kč  
  Children (0-18 years) package 5 + 1   4500,- Kč  


  Relaxation massage - 60 minut   1000,- Kč  
  Relaxation massage - 90 minut   1500,- Kč  
  Therapeutic massage - headache and migraines   1000,- Kč