Treatment of pain


care for proper movement


Mgr. Markéta Pilátová

Marketa considers the ease and enjoyment of movement to be a crucial part of treatment of children but also adults with acute or chronic pain and conditions. In SPINEZIO, she also deals with respiratory trouble such as asthma bronchiale, various allergies or the gastroesophageal reflux disease. Finally, she treats specific women's issues. She helps her clients to deal with painful or irregular periods or the diastasis of belly muscles. She provides movement therapy during pregnancy and postnatal therapy, for example of scars after c-section or of stress incontinence.
Thanks to her practical experience, she knows how psychic unease affects our breathing, muscle tension and pain perception. She approaches clients from the holistic point of view, and always tries to adjust the therapy to the specific needs of the individual’s everyday life and/or occupation. With children, she exercises in a playful way and employs the aforementioned approach to help develop movement and coordination.

• Stecco - Fascial Manipulation (Rehaeduca, Pietro Iogna Prat, Jule Ann Day, 2021)
• Pelvic floor dysfunctions therapy (Be Balanced, Mgr. Michaela Havlíčková, 2021)
• Ribs mobilization by L. Mojžíšová's method (Rehamil, 2021)
• Pain of head and cervical spine II (CKP Sámova, Bc. Štěpán Haškovec, 2021)
• Psychosomatic approach in pediatrics (CKP Dobřichovice, MUDr. Barbora Branná, online, 2020)
• Hypermobility (CKP Dobřichovice, Mgr. Šádek, 2020)
• Intense two-week course of Vojta's reflex locomotion (RL Corpus, 2020; organised exclusively for students of 2nd faculty of Medicine )
• Massage in sports (REFIT, 2017) 

• 2014-2017 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles university, Prague - bachelor's programme
• 2017-2020 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles university, Prague - master's programme
• 2018/2019 Erasmus+, Universiteit Antwerpen, Belgium