Treatment of pain


care for proper movement


Bc. Klára Zakucia

"The human body is a wonderfully functioning living machine created by Mother Nature. And it only depends on us whether it will be perfectly functioning or broken. "

In the human body, everything communicates and cooperates for the benefit of the whole. Klárka is fascinated by the human body in all aspects and at SPINEZIO she mainly takes care of the proper development of children and babies and physiotherapy for women. She bases her style of work on an extraordinary human approach combined with a detailed look at patient's difficulties.

She gradually gained experience in the Bulovka University Hospital and in outpatient facilities focused on respiratory, orthopedic and gynecological issues. Under the leadership of Dr. Petr Zahradník gradually discovered that the most healing means cooperating energy and communication, which is desired by not only small children but also adults.

Acupressure without needles
Course of taping from Taping school, Prague
Professional seminar and workshop for midwives

Bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy, Second Faculty of Medicine, Charles University (2021)